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  • Mac Recovery Feedback

I used some software for data recovery on MAC, but THIS IS only one, that help me!!!

THX :)

Tom from Hungary
Tamas Balazs Konczol
Consiglio vivamente, R Studio Mac è un programma eccezionale, grazie ad esso sono riuscito a ricostruire un Raid 0 (striped) e ho recuperato 4 TB di files che credevo persi. Avevo provato anche con altri SW ma senza risultato!! Grazie
Max Tatti
Made the classic mistake of working too hard with too little sleep. Working on my own stuff so I didn`t take the precautions I should have.

Needless to say a RAID0 set created using Apple`s Disk Utility was broken and formatted as a new RAID0. I immediately recognized my mistake and shut down the server.

After some web surfing and saki I found R-Studio.

After the other utilities I normally use failed, R-Studio was able to create an image of the broken (and reformatted) RAID disks.

The entire volume was recovered, hierarchy intact. What a beautiful gift. Especially at the price. How generous, thanks!
Ryan (Organisum)
5+ Я мог восстановить RAID-5 20TB для мака. Это пожалуй лучшее решение по восстановлению RAID массива. Всем рекомендую.
5+ I was able to repair my RAID-5 for Mac volume to 20 TB - it`s the best solution. I would recommend.
I would just like to thank you for an excellent product. I was able to recover nearly a terabyte of data after a raid 6 array failed. My customer was ecstatic over the results
Michael Lohse (Deelen Computers)
Your datarecovery software (for Mac) turned out to be a genuine diamond. It recovered a complete partition within a total of only 1 day! I`ve tried 2 other software solutions before I read of yours and they both were unable to recover the original file structure and filenames (without crashing). Your software delivered with a very low load on my Mac and it recovered the complete file structure. It`s worth every penny and I highly recommend it to anyone who accidentally lost data.
Sebastiaan (None)
You saved my sanity and restored my blood pressure. Your product was Intuitively easy and recovered everything important from a drive that had been repartitioned and partially reformatted. I got back 5 years worth of accumulated stuff. Well worth the miniscule investment. I still have a day of rebuilding ahead; small price to pay for not having a current backup. At least now, I can smile while I work.. Thanks
Phil Horne
You people are gods! Your product performed FLAWLESSLY and saved every single file I had believed lost for good on a portable hard drive. It included business files from a recent overseas trip and thousands of photographs from both my business trip and a following holiday. I was told the data was not recoverable - yet with absolutely no effort, R-Studio recovered everything and saved the day - I can`t begin to tell you how overjoyed and relieved I was. THANK YOU
Rob Neil (Pacific Wings)
Thank you very much for creating Mac R-Studio. It helped me re-cover what I thought was going to be lost forever (~200GB of files) at a very reasonable cost.
Robert Anderson (Home User)
I would just like to say THANKYOU so much for making such a brilliant brilliant piece of software... just saved me one hell of a lot of redownloading!!! and redoing of coursework!!!
A++++++++++ to anyone else, consider yourself very recommended!
Tom (None)
Your software accomplished in one afternoon what I had tried to do with other data recovery software over the last two weeks.
Many Thanks
Bill Pack
I just want to say - THANK YOU. Speaking from a super-techie guru, your product is incredible! Saved me hours of reconstruction.
Thanks again.
Jim Mitchell (Consultant)
This is the first time I had to use such a program. I was totally amazed and so extremely happy to find every one of my lost files and folders all intact and restored to perfection! I am amazed at how truly easy it was to use. Thank you so much. A total lifesaver is what this program is! I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking!
Kathleen Slade
Hi all,
I used R-Studio for Mac for recovering a formatted 1 TB drive. My first try with Stellar Poenix failed. So I purchased R-Studio and the result was perfect :-) Thanks a lot!
Best regards from Germany
ulrich scholz (ulrich scholz design)
I've used R-Studio Mac to restore all of my files in a partition of my harddisk, which was damaged by a hardisk diagonsis and fixing program.
I really appreciate the help of your product to recover my invaluable data.
Dennis Mak
I had already lost all hope of recovering the files I accidently deleted. The recycle bin was defect so I couldn't undo the action!
I tried several tools, but non was able to find the files. Your demo program found them all and I immediately purchased the full version. I take the price as a kind of "punishment" for acting before thinking ;-) I just want to say that your program is definitely worth the money. Please keep up the good work!
Robert Neumann (Privat use)
My hard disk crashed on me and didn't show any files on the partition. It has all my baby's pictures from the time she started crawling and walking. She's 2 now. I had no backups and I just freaked out. I got a reference to R-Studio from the Infrastructure Team in my company. I bought it and tried it - had all my fingers and toes crossed. IT WORKED !!! GOD BLESS YOU GUYS !!! I LOVE YOU ALL !! THANKS A TON !!!!!
Rachit Gupta
Just thought I`d send you guys a quick note. I just purchased a copy of the R-Studio from your site and it was well worth the 79$. I was able to recovery all data from a corrupted partition on my external 1.5 T drive. I plugged in the drive to my windows 7 box and let it run with amazement. I had data nearly lost from a year long music project and you all saved the day. I read a brief article about your software and purchased it directly from your site.
Here is the url to where I read about the top 8 hard drive recovery utilities for MAC. I did a quick google for it and viewed another users video on youtube.
I will be using your software exclusively from now on.
Thank You!!!!
Charles Maze
Your product is not only easy to use, it saved me from certain disaster this afternoon. Following a total disk failure, I was able to scan and recover critical data that didn't make it to last weeks backup.
Thanks rtt! You saved my bacon!
Nathan Boccia
I thought I had lost over 200 hours of work in music recordings and school research papers by one mistake of formating the wrong drive. RTT saved me!! It restored every single file that I had lost. I can't thank you enough for creating such an incredible software package!! Thanks, for saving me hundreds of hours!
Matt Vey
Just wanted to say thanks. R-Tools for Mac could see and recover my LaCie 4Big RAID disk where Diskwarrior and TechTool Pro could not.
George Bray (VideolaDU2NQQ6O1L: DU2NQQ3JSY)
I hereby simply want to thank you for the great software.
So far I recovered one out of two harddisks that failed and with great result.
I decided to buy your product after I downloaded the demo and it was able to relocate my files. I saved a couple small ones and checked them. They were perfectly restored.
Thank you once again. I'm still pretty amazed how well it works :)
Vincent Henderson
Thank you so much for your product. You have helped me to recover some important data that was lost to a client running a recovery before letting me know what was happening. Both they, and I, are very pleased.
Andre Manuel
this facilites is very good.i thought i had lost my data but this ficilites is give me my original data. i thank for all staff.bye bye.
pavan ptael (gil)
An excellent piece of software, well worth the money. I was able to recover 65Gb of files on a failed HDD. Quick and easy to use.
Thank you.
Gerry Murphy
Thank you R-Studio! I`d given up on recovering data from an Iomega RAID0 drive formatted for Mac, but after several attempts I got all the data back. YAY!
Roy (IBE)