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  • R-Studio for Linux (Debian/Ubuntu) install/uninstall/register

This install/uninstall instructions are applicable to the Debian/Ubuntu Linux platform. The Ubuntu Linux is used as an example.


1. Double-click the downloaded installation file.

2. Click the Install button on the Ubuntu Software Center.
Ubuntu Software Center
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3. Wait for the installation process to finish.
Installation process
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You need an Internet connection to register and automatically activate R-Studio Standalone, Corporation, and T80+. If you don’t have one, you’ll need to complete activation manually.

1. Upon receiving the email with the Registration key, open the attachment, then select and copy the key.

2. Go to the Help menu and select Register.

3. Enter your registration information and then paste the Registration key. Do not try to type it manually.
Registration dialog box
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4. Click the OK button.

If you need to re-register R-Studio to another license type, go to the Help menu, select Register, and enter the new registration information.

If you don’t have an Internet connection.
You need to manually obtain an activation code to complete the registration.

The Online Activation dialog window will appear next time you’ll start R-Studio.
QR Code
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You may copy the url with the activation information and go to it on another computer connected to the Internet, obtain the activation code, and enter it into the respective field on the dialog box.

You may also use your smartphone to activate R-Studio. Scan the QR-code and go to the specified URL, obtain the activation code, and finish program activation.


1. Start Ubuntu Software Center, find rstudio, and click the Remove button.
Move R-Studio for Linux
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2. Wait for the removal process to finish.
Move R-Studio for Linux
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