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  • USB Stabilizer Tech for unstable USB devices

To ensure quick and reliable work with unstable and degraded USB storage devices, look no further than USB StabilizerTech*. It provides seamless hardware instability handling, ultimately mitigating common issues like freezes and crashes, and it automatically re-initializes a drive whenever its stuck reading a bad sectors. Not only does this speed up overall processing, but it also slows the pace of further physical degradation and damage. Drives can also be re-powered, thus maintaining a stable connection to the source drive at all times - even if it suffers from intermittent outages. Best of all, you can do so without aborting the data recovery process you've already started.

In overall it provides you with the following advantages:

  • Writeblocking.
  • Prevents Windows from parsing the logical filesystem of the drive.
  • Prevents Windows from dropping the physical connection to the drive.
  • Aborts failed reads by using hardware PHY reset and/or repower which makes recovering degraded drives faster and safer.
  • Accelerates the speed of reading healthy SSDs and other fast flash storage devices by approximately 30%.
  • Short circuit protection for source drive.
  • Manual control over drive power.
  • Works with any non-proprietary USB storage device or other interfaces converted to USB through adapters, including the latest M.2 NVMe SSDs.

DeepSpar USB Stabilizer
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Now, to enhance all of the aforementioned technical advantages of the USB Stabilizer Tech unit, it was integrated with the technician version of R-Studio (for Windows only) and users of such combo can easily manage the device settings and variable parameters to scan and image the attached USB storage devices with a maximum effectiveness and safety for them. R-Studio (Technician and T80+) reclaims the status of every sector read through the USB Stabilizer and uses it to maintain a sector map and create an image with our newly developed and implemented multi-pass disk imaging technology. Besides that, combined disk analysis and disk imaging are especially useful for high-capacity storage devices. At the end of disk imaging the user receives not only a disk image, but also its detail scaninfo that allows him to start data recovery procedure right away. No need to scan and analyze the created image as it was before. Just keep the image as a reserved copy of the problem disk and work with the scan result. If for any reason the user wants to use any alternative data recovery software, the image can be saved in most common formats supported by other data recovery tools. Check all of our advanced technician product features at R-Studio Technician page.

DeepSpar USB Stabilizer and R-Studio Technician
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As a limited time promo, new R-Studio Technician Package purchasers are provided with one FREE (except the shipping fees) USB Stabilizer Tech unit that is shipped to most countries Worldwide**. Others, who already own DeepSpar hardware supported by R-Studio, will be surprised by extra features and convenience they get with the recently updated R-Studio Technician.

* compatible with 64-bit Windows 10/11 OS only.
** some shipping addresses may be declined by DeepSpar for security or export restriction reasons.

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Data Recovery Feedback
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Rating: 4.8 / 5
I really love your R-Studio product, I am doing Data Recovery as a professional, I used RS since the early versions and I loved the product, as far as I can tell, R-Studio, especially the Tech Version (but including the standard) is one of the best and excellent tools for a pro to have in the arsenal of tools in a pro DR lab, especially combining with the specialized Data Recovery hardware providers like DeepSpar, and PC3000, the rest of `wannabees` out there are waste of time, strongly recommend
I lost more than 200K files from my NAS due to a mistake. I tried 3 different recovery solutions over the 4 TB raid disks, and all of them performed ok but to be honest none of them were able to Raw recover the files and rename them with meaningful names out of the Metadata like R-TT did, then I was able to sort again my files and pictures and kind of restore all of them.

R-TT may not be the easiest or most user-friendly solution, but the algorithm used for the renaming saved me THOUSAND of hours of opening ...
Just recovered my old ext4 partition with R-Studio after trying testdisk and R-Linux without success. That partition was overwritten by another ext4 partition and I was losing my hope until I tried R-Studio demo. It detected all my files and directories again!

Bought it and 100% recommend it for anyone with a similar issue.
Genuinely tried every free program available without luck of recovering a deleted file from months ago. Thinking my file was deleted forever and lose all hope I came across this website as a recommendation.

I was reluctant as it seemed pricey compared to other programs, but damn worth every penny. It managed to even find files I thought were wiped from existence.

Kudos to r-tools, thank you!
Why make incremental backups, when there is R-Studio?

I`m an IT professional who has worked from home for over a decade. Early on in my career, I configured an HP ProLiant Server (Raid 1+0) as a workstation that I would remote into from my laptop. As technology evolved, I began to use it only for email and as a config file repository.

A short while ago, one of the drives degraded, but the HP ProLiant Server (Raid 1+0) still functioned fine on the remaining drive. I was complacent and didn`t replace the ...