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Workshops Available:

Check back with this list periodically, I am always adding more classes.
Email me for more information, Thanks for checking me out!

DRUNKARD'S PATH THE EASY WAY – By Teresa Fusco: Experience the use of many fabrics to create a contemporary look or traditional look by your choices. A fun quilt to make with two colors. Using rotary equipment, compass and a sewing machine this no curved piecing is an easy quilt to master using blind stitching.
View examples 1 2
One Day Class

MACHINE QUILTING - By Teresa Fusco: Turn your tops into quilts! Learn all the tricks from an award winning machine quilter. Try out different techniques with guidance; you won't believe what you will learn in just one day!
Batting kit available.
One Day Class

FEATHERS, FEATHERS, FEATHERS, Machine Quilting – by Teresa Fusco
Experienced Quilters only; learn how to free hand quilt feathers without marking your fabrics. Fill triangles, squares, borders, corners all with feathers. Feathered wreaths will also be covered. You will also try using some trapunto techniques to give a feather some loft and there will be lots of fillers to help your feathers to stand out. Homework before class.
One Day Class

THE ARTFUL EYE - By Teresa Fusco: This class helps you focus on your idea, letting go and just doing it. You and your sewing machine graduate to the next level. Using fabric and thread to express your idea and exploring the design process of art quilts. Each person will be designing a piece suitable for framing. Don't let the design process stop you from taking this class. I promise you will not be disappointed. Sewing machine with feet capable of free motion, couching, and zig zag. Come and see what I make and frame for sale and gifts and donations to worthy causes.
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One Day Class

FREE MOTION REVERSE APPLIQUE'- by Teresa Fusco: This is your first Ah Ha moment in quilting. What a great technique to use on all those appliquéd borders! Machine appliqué technique, learn layering - the complete opposite of hand appliqué, free motion, darning or quilting foot needed. You will have the project 25% finished and you will have all the techniques to finish the quilted wall hanging. View example 1
One day class

SOFFET PANEL: Creative Raw Edge Free Motion Class – by Teresa Fusco
I have been making these Soffet quilts for years and selling them – some people use them for a valance, or hang vertical, or even put on a table, I have them in my house above doorways, closets and halls. It is a mix between Hawaiian, making snowflakes, and of course raw edge appliqué. Everyone is going to let them selves go in this class, it will be a lot of fun; you will be designing (5) 14" blocks, there will be no templates or marking fabrics – This is what I do best –you will have a good time I promise. Kits available. View example 1
One Day Class

Using fabric as your pallet, create a free form vase with flowers, table and walls behind it. No templates, freehand cut flowers, leaves, tendrils, buds etc while designing your wall hanging. Have something interesting to add? You will really enjoy the freedom of this class, all levels. View Examples 1 2 3 4
One Day Class

TRAPUNTO BY MACHINE-By Teresa Fusco: Technique and project class. If you ever took my machine quilting class, you must take this trapunto by machine class. Go home with a completed wall hanging, all done by machine. This technique gives you options to think about when designing quilts – what do you do with the open space? The trapunto is easy and fun, a great project for any level of quilter, a good gift idea. View Examples 1 2
One Day Class

This class will cover traditional techniques for machine appliqué. No project
Technique class, I bring lots of appliquéd quilts and we machine appliqué using an assortment of threads and feet. View Examples 1 2
One day class

Technique method made popular by Rickey Tims.
An easy way to make artistic wall quilts. Learn the theory behind this type of construction. There is a bit of mystery using this method because the effect of your fabric choices is only realized as you progress through each step.

CONVERGENCE Technique #1 One day class is all the basics, design, accurate cutting, piecing, and review of quilting designs, beading, binding and sleeve. Raw edge appliqué will be used in class if you like the samples. You will create and finish piecing the 14" – 24" square in the one day class. View Example 1
One Day Class

CONVERGENCE Technique #2 One day class goes to the next level – curved piecing – more complex, class includes all the piecing and finishing techniques in the one day class. View Example 1
One Day Class

DANCING WITH THE MAPLE LEAVES - By Teresa Fusco: Experience the excitement of Color, making your leaves dance in the wind, choose one background for all your leaves, or be challenged and choose many backgrounds. Spend the day in color variations; making colors wash, and colors that stand out. Paper piecing, rotary cutting. View Example 1
Students are able to get approximately (12) 6" finished blocks.
$10.00 pattern includes enough papers for a twin size quilt. One Day Class

HOT BASKETS by Teresa Fusco:
Hot Baskets is a really good color class. Using different fabrics watch how the baskets pop or recede, you can use one background fabric or raid your stash and use a little of everything! Learn paper piecing, rotary cutting techniques and watch your baskets have fun on the quilt top. Now, this sounds like a little too much, many students use plaids, pastels, or country look. 6" blocks. View Example 1
$10.00 pattern includes enough papers for a twin size quilt, photos, layouts and instructions

BARGELLO by Teresa Fusco:
One of the most popular and beautiful pieced quilts of today, the Bargello pattern is made from rectangles sewn into peaks and valleys of gradual color changes. This pattern has its roots in embroidered needlework, not fabric. It can be traced back over 500 years to Europe where some preserved pieces can still be found in museums. My sample is dedicated to Tiffany Louis Comfort. View Example 1
One day class

One of the most popular and beautiful pieced quilts of today, the Tapestry Bargello quilt is designed by you using rectangles sewn into peaks and valleys of gradual color changes. Unlike the Bargello which is all mathematical. This technique has its roots in embroidered needlework, not fabric. It can be traced back over 500 years to Europe where some preserved pieces can still be found in museums. Don't let this description fool you, it is different then the Bargello class. View Example 1
One day class

LONE STAR by Teresa Fusco:
The traditional favorite quilt pattern evolved around the early part of the 19th century. Many different fabrics were used in various displays of colors and designs in this quilt. It took an untold number of diamonds that were laboriously hand pieced. Often the Lone Star is referred to as Texas Star, Blazing Star, or the Star of Bethlehem. We will be using the Cut No Diamonds Method; color, rotary cutting and strip piecing, learn the tricks to stay accurate. I am convinced that this is the fastest, most accurate, and least complicated method of making this quilt. You will have the star almost finished when you leave the class. View Example 1 One day class

VEST CLASS by Teresa Fusco:
Raw edge sewing and appliqué method. I have beautiful samples and color combinations. Using Maggie's pattern; your sewing machine must have the Zig Zag capability. (2) Day Class plus pattern and supplies.

Another name for this quilt is Sunshine and Shadow, this technique brings us back to the basics. Rotary cutting strips, using the 1/4'"seam allowance, the importance of accuracy. When the quilt is finished, the color and design give a traumatic impact which draws your eye to want more. The quilt is set against the traditional solid black fabric with solid bright fabrics – a quilt to be proud of.

FUNKY BOWLS - By Teresa Fusco: A day of fun creating a fabric bowl, I use them all over my house, dining room for napkins and warm bread, bedroom for jewelry, bathroom for hairclips. Bring sewing machine threads (metallic, hologram, rayon's) you love but never use to enhance your bowl, and you are ready to have a blast! I recommend this class for every level, even if the student never machine quilted or pieced.
One Day Class

This class is the traditional log cabin block sewn "Quilt As You Sew Method" This is a two day class. Your machine only needs to have the straight stitch capability. I have found that since I have been doing my log cabins in this way since 1985 the technique has come in handy for other applications.
Two Day Class

**AMERICAN SAMPLER - By Teresa Fusco: Quilting 101 Class. This is an all inclusive class. In addition to the piecing and appliqué techniques we will be having a pre class color in quilts, informal talk from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM and I will be helping you choose interesting fabrics for your American Sample Quilt . The entire 10 week class will be a new learning experience introducing you to a new technique; appliqué , hand quilting, binding, curved piecing, grid, paper piecing, English piecing, sequencing, and many more. View Examples 1 2 The color class is in addition to the 10 classes and is not mandatory to attend.

**FLOWERS IN BLOOM - By Teresa Fusco: A 3D flower class. Techniques used in the 1850's Baltimore Album Quilts, such as Blooming roses, padded daisies, pleated tulips, forget me knots, rouching, etc. Machine and hand work. Wall hanging including the saw tooth borders. Some machine work; hand quilting, marking and quilting designs are reviewed. View Examples 1